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P.H.I.L. - Healthy Lifestyle Advice & the Eatwell Plate

Tuesday 12th April 2016

Health Promotion Guest Blog

Promoting Health Information Line (P.H.I.L.)

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and in order to do this it is important to monitor not only what we eat, but also how much. In the spirit of maintaining a healthy weight, those who are looking to lose weight can often come unstuck by eating seemingly healthy foods, though in excessive quantities. The size of each segment on the newly devised Eatwell Plate, which takes into account government recommendations, shows the proportion each food group should account for as part of a healthy diet. For example, fruit and vegetables should make up a large part of our diet, accounting for nearly a third of our daily intake, whereas oils and spreads should only really account for 1%.

    Those wanting to access help and support in implementing these guidelines into their daily lives, as well as becoming more physically active so as to compliment a healthier lifestyle, can do so by accessing support from the Healthy Weight Team via the Health Promotion Service. The types of help and interventions offered include:

-          Healthy Weight Adults: An all-encompassing approach towards weight management delivered over a 12 week period. This course looks at everything from better understanding food labels, to learning healthier cooking recipes via practical cooking sessions. These are also interspersed with simple circuit exercises, aimed at getting you more physically active.

-          Swimming for Health: For those aged 18 years and over, as part of this course you can get 12 sessions in a pool which will be closed to the public. All abilities welcome as you will supported to increase your confidence in the water if needed. Personal support and guidance can also be offered aimed benefitting both health and technique.

-          Physical Activity Reviews enable you to work one on one with a Healthy Weight Specialist to determine the best way for you to become more physically within the confines of a given condition if necessary. They will also aim at highlighting potential opportunities in your local area aimed at making activities more accessible for you.

-          Healthy Weight Pregnancy: Offers one to one support to pregnant women around healthy eating, physical activity and weight management both during their pregnancy or up to 12 months after delivery.

-          Walking for Health: this is aimed at anyone wanting to join a walking group so as to experience the associative health benefits of regularly going for gentle walks.

For further information or to an express an interest in attending one of these courses call the Promoting Health Information Line on 01209 313419 or visit visit