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Healthy Weight - Christmas Tips

Friday 18th December 2015

Health Promotion Guest Blog

Healthy Weight - Christmas Tips 

Did you know over the Christmas period, people gain on average from 1-5lbs and many people eat up to 6,000 calories on Christmas Day, that’s three times more than the recommended daily amount!

Everyone has a treat on Christmas Day, but here are a few ideas to make your Christmas a little bit healthier…

  • On Christmas day make sure you have a healthy breakfast to start the day, this will help you stop snacking on sweet treats before the Christmas dinner! Choose wholegrain breads, scrambled eggs, low fat natural yogurts and try to get some of your 5 A Day with a small glass on pure orange juice
  • Have some healthy snacks on offer such as clementine’s, chestnuts, plain popcorn, pretzels or carrot sticks
  • Nuts can be very high in energy and an easy way to rack up even more calories over Christmas. Nuts are a good source of protein and fibre and can help to reduce cholesterol in the blood but make sure you only have a small portion at a time. Choose chestnuts which only have about 1.4g of fat per 100g compared to hazelnuts which have about 61g per 100g
  • Turkey is low in fat and high in protein, but remove the skin as this is where most of the fat is found. Use unsaturated vegetable oil to roast your potatoes and cut them in larger chunks so they absorb less fat. Cover a third of your plate with veggies, they are low in fat and high in fibre, try to steam your veg rather than roast them.
  • Christmas pudding is low in fat so keep it that way and use low fat custard, make smaller mince pies with filo pastry for a lower fat option


  • Don't forget alcohol is high in calories, so this Christmas, alternate your drinks with non-alcoholic ones. Try this mulled apple juice for a yummy alcohol free drink (serves 4-5)

o   1 litre of apple juice

o   1 cinnamon stick

o   Several whole cloves (less than ten)

o   Zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon

o   Mix all ingredients in a pan. Heat on stove until warm. Serve in a small glass and enjoy just like mulled wine!


For more Christmas tips and healthy weight advice, head over to Cornwall Healthy Weights Facebook page /Cornwallhealthyweight or follow them on twitter @Cornwall_HW