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Hearty Lives Cornwall Guest Blog

Friday 15th January 2016

Health Promotion Guest Blog

Hearty Lives Cornwall

Hearty Lives Cornwall is free service to support schools throughout Cornwall to improve health and emotional wellbeing for everyone in their school community; from staff to children to families. We have received funding from the British Heart Foundation’s Hearty Lives programme which has been set up to help communities work together to reduce the risk of heart disease.

What are we doing to support Schools?

We are helping teachers and school staff with free training and great resources to help children learn more about a healthy lifestyle within the curriculum. 

What are we doing to support Families?

We are offering families free, fun and informal workshops that can support you and your family:

  • Develop understanding in a range of Heart health workshops providing BHF and Change4Life materials and resources for you to use and keep.
  • Raise awareness of food labels and understanding food content including sugar, salt and fat and provide ideas to provide healthier alternatives that the whole family would like.
  • We want to make you aware of the techniques supermarkets and marketing use which make you spend more on the things you don’t want or need.
  • We can help you to plan fun, family fitness challenges to do at home.
  • Support you to become more involved in your local school.

Where have we been this week?

We were at St Stephens School in Saltash and met with over 65 parents and families. The school is launching a healthy snack policy which will sanction certain snacks at break time and Hearty Lives were on hand to support parents understanding of why these snacks need specific consideration from health benefits. We considered hidden and added sugar in food and looked at 3 different lunchboxes; check out the amount of sugar in each and consider this against the daily allowance for 30g of added sugar a day for anyone aged 11 or over.

Please get in touch if you would like to see some free Hearty Lives workshops in your local school or have any concerns or questions around providing healthier options for your family or increasing physical activity together in ways that children and young people would enjoy, visit the website or get in touch