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Stoptober....Day 1

Thursday 1st October 2015

Health Promotion Service: Guest Blog

October: Stop Smoking Service

Blog of the Stoptober ball! 

Thursday 1st October –Following my tour around the country I find myself in Cornwall, somewhere I have never traveled to before, so I was looking forward to seeing how the Cornish do it.   I was dragged out of the back of the van really early, the sun wasn’t even up, to be set up by a group of Stop Smoking  Advisors who seemed to be making it all up as they went along.  Getting me out of my cosy bag took 5 of them, I ask you, how difficult can it be?

Once I had been inflated I found myself outside of the Trelawney Wing at Royal Cornwall Hospital (not far from where all the smokers ignore the Smokefree Site signs).  I spent 2 hours on a nice grassy patch with the sun warming me up.  Several passers by stuck pledge stickers on me as they want to stop smoking for Stoptober, taking the 28 day challenge (not sure who thought there were only 28 days in October).  The Stop Smoking Advisors were at least much better at giving advice and guidance to the smokers than they were at erecting me. 

After a couple of hours I was deflated which involved the humans falling on to me as they thought I was too full of air to fit back in the van.  They didn’t even bother to put me back in my warm bag, just bundled me back in to the van for a short ride. 

I was next dragged from the van on to sunny Lemon Quay in Truro.  Not a bad view as there were plenty of passers by and a pub just opposite me.  Here I had lots of visitors and photographers who kept asking me to smile, I felt quite famous.  More and more pledge stickers kept being slapped on to me, they could have been a little more gentle.