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Stoptober.......Day 6

Friday 9th October 2015

Blog of the Stoptober Ball

Day 6

Well I had a lovely rest over the weekend, chilling out with some of the very strange items they keep in their store, including  Siegfried the human sized cigarette and some cows which relieve stress. 

I had been hoping for another outing but the weather is a little bit wet and windy for me.  Apparently the Stop Smoking Advisors are having nightmares about me flying off in a gust of wind and them having to catch me before I fall over a cliff.  Sounds horrendous, although I am quite keen on the idea of going for a paddle in the sea. 

In my absence the advisors are visiting workplaces to help the employees quit for Stoptober and have been to visit the civilian staff at HMS Raleigh and GE Money in Truro. 

Let’s hope for a change in the weather as I have been promised a real Cornish pasty and a proper cream tea (the jam has to go on first!).