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Young People's C-Card Valentine Guest Blog

Friday 12th February 2016

Health Promotion Guest Blog

Young People's C-Card - Valentines


Did you know that Sunday 14th February was not only Valentines Day, but it’s also ‘Thinking about Sex’ day ( ). So not only can you get romantic with your partner and engage in the commercial giving of a card, chocolates and flowers, but also take the time to talk about your sexual health.

‘Thinking about Sex’ day is all about looking at men aged 30-40 who may be experiencing erection problems. It is a taboo topic that men will struggle to talk openly about. Did you know that men with erection problems are seven times more likely to have a risk of coronary artery disease as they age, especially men aged 50+ have an increased risk of a cardiac event. Erection problems can be caused by, or be an early warning sign, of ill health such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. To find out further information please visit

It is so important to take care of all your health and not fear embarrassment or judgement when talking about your sexual health. We should try not to be ‘British’ about our sexual health as it is a vital part of our overall health and well being.