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General health

We promote a holistic model of health for gay/bisexual men and MSM. We work on a "you decide" rather than "we decide" basis, as we believe in giving men good information, and supporting men to make changes based on what they feel is right and achievable for them, not us is a more productive way to achieve results.

Mental, physical and sexual health are all interlinked and impact on one another, and issues such as substance use, diet and activity can impact our minds and bodies in a variety of ways.

Substance use is part of modern day society, and gay/bisexual men/MSM are no exception.

Statistically, we smoke more, drink more, take more drugs than our heterosexual counterparts.

Sigma Research & Terrence Higgins Trust have produced a report "Who's Using What - results from the National Gay Men's Sex Survey" which details some of issues.