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Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight

Body Image. Its a big thing within the gay community.

Open any gay publication and look at the pictures - if you believe everything you see in there, you'd think we were all perfectly chiselled, toned, tanned and the ideal weight. 

Gay media tends to use images like this to sell us something - clothes, clubs, even each other (through websites like gaydar or manhunt).

Add to this the other popular stereotypes within modern gay culture -  the "twink" thing (younger/boyish/ thinner men) and the bear look (older/hairy/bigger men)  - the desire to possibly fit into one of these groups can influence how we eat - Ultimately this all can possibly lead to other physical and mental health issues when we don't look and feel how we'd like to!

Healthy eating can really help change things in the way you want them, whether you're big or small, young or old, twink, bear, otter, muscle mary or mr average - eating good food doesn't have to cost the earth or take hours to prepare and can positively improve how we look and how we feel about ourselves.

Cornwall Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight works with people of all ages throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to promote healthy eating, physical exercise and weight management. Find events in your area, experience one of our healthy eating and cooking courses for free, join our weight management programme. 

Healthy Gay Cornwall's Face to Face service is a good place to possibly help you explore eating habits, and what you'd like to do about them.