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There are 101 myths about a visit to a sexual health clinic, most of which are untrue! if you're worried - read on.

Whether you have an infection (that you know about), or if you just want to a check-up to confirm that you don't have any STI's, going to a Sexual Health clinic/GUM (Genitary Urinary Medicine) clinic for the first time can seem a scary thing to do.

People that visit clinics come from all walks of life and are there for lots of different reasons.

One thing they DO all have in common is that they care about their health and are accessing good quality, free, confidential treatment.

Whilst they will ask you questions you may feel uncomfortable answering, its important to be totally honest with them - remember, everything you say is kept in total confidence (unless you are deliberately harming others, which is the same rule right across health and social care services) and your results aren't passed to your GP without your permission.

Click HERE for a guide on to what to expect when visiting a clinic.

Click HERE for information on locations and opening times in Cornwall.