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Trans and HIV

If you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) then this can make it easier to acquire or pass on HIV to another person.

If you have recently had lower surgery and you still have unhealed skin, this could increase the risks of acquiring or passing on HIV due to potential bleeding from the site of the surgery.

If you are injecting yourself with hormones or silicone (whether prescribed or not), do not share the needles as this leaves you at risk of HIV and Hepatitis C. Injecting silicone can be a potentially life threatening procedure if you do it yourself due to the risks of complications. Always seek advice and have the injections done by a clinician in a controlled environment.

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Trans, Antiretrovirals and Hormones

If you are living with HIV, any medication you receive will be tailored so you can take it safely with your hormone therapy.

Transwomen and HIV medication

It is important to be clear with your HIV clinic about what hormones you are taking and in what quantity as antiretrovirals may alter the hormone levels in your body. There has been research on the likely interactions between oestrogen therapy and HIV medication, this research will help your HIV clinician advise you when discussing your treatment.

Transmen and HIV medication

Unfortunately there has not been much research on drug interactions in transmen who are taking testosterone and antiretrovirals. Speak to your HIV clinician for advice if you notice any interaction or side effect so they can take appropriate action if required.


Whilst antiretrovirals may affect hormone levels in the body, it appears that hormones do not affect antiretrovirals. It is very important to tell your HIV clinician about all the hormones you are taking even if they haven’t been prescribed. It is important to have your hormone levels checked regularly so they can be monitored, this is vital if you are taking antiretrovirals.

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