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Transmen & Sexual Health

The basic information regarding safer sex is the same: use a barrier like condoms or a Femidom with water based or silicon lube. If your penis is surgically-constructed the safest option is to always use a condom, even if using a strap on penis that has been bought in a shop or online.

Condoms come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and can be either latex or latex-free. If you have trouble finding one to fit, you can always ask your partner to wear a Femidom. This is a condom worn inside the body of the partner being penetrated and can be used in the vagina or anus (if the top ring of the Femidom is removed when used in the anus).

Femidoms are the best choice for those with a metoidioplasty (a type of genital surgery that creates a small penis) or enough testosterone-enhanced clitoral growth for penetration.

Dental dams are a sheet of latex (they are also available in latex-free) which can be used for vaginal or anal oral sex. The sheet is used to cover the genital area and provides a barrier which can prevent the transmission of STIs.

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Cervical screening (from the NHS Choices website)

"Transgender men (transsexuals who have changed their gender from female to male) who have had a total hysterectomy do not need to have cervical screening tests.

Transgender men who still have a cervix will be invited for regular cervical screenings every three years unless they decide to opt out."

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