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Cornwall College Make A Noise About HIV

29th November 2010


Did you know that….


HIV is the worlds fastest growing long term chronic condition?

Once you’ve got HIV you can’t get rid of it?

In 2008,  2 million people Worldwide died of AIDS-related illneses?


HIV (Human Immunodeficiancy Virus) is an infection caught mainly through unprotected sex. People with HIV don’t “look” ill, in fact a quarter of people with HIV don’t even know they’ve got it. Left untreated (and there is no cure) HIV can destroy the bodies immune system, leading to AIDS-defining illnesses, and in some cases - death. Serious stuff eh?


Cornwall College believes this is something make a noise about, so on World AIDS Day – Dec1 st, at 12.30pm in conjunction with NHS Health Promotion, we’re holding a very noisy awareness event! There’ll be free stuff, information and advice from trained workers, and you can help support local HIV charity Kernow Positive Support with your donations.


For more information about HIV go to:


Kernow Positive Support: