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Keep The Equality Act

20th April 2011

The government are currently consulting the public on where to cut red tape - one of the first areas to be examined includes the Equality Act.

The Equality Act includes all anti-discrimination legislation in the UK, which protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) people from being sacked for being LGB&T, amongst many other important protections.

Therefore, it is especially concerning that one of the suggestions requiring comment is to scrap the Act altogether.

The government have said that the questions that are asked on the website are standard for every piece of legislation or regulation.

However, we are urging everyone to go on to the website and leave your own comments about why the Equality Act is important, and please encourage your staff, supporters, friends, colleagues and any networks you have to respond too.

Take action! Take part in the consultation here

Thank you for your continued support.