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Got a health concern but worried about wasting your GP's time?

27th May 2011

Men - Got a health concern but worried about wasting your GP's time?  Log onto

Embarrassed about a health problem or worried you’ll be wasting your GP’s time?  If this sounds familiar you’re not alone.

Our increasingly busy lifestyles mean taking time out for our health gets pushed further down the list of priorities. BUT in the same way you wouldn’t think twice about putting your car in for an MOT, your body needs the same care and attention in order for you to perform to the best of your ability.

That’s why we are pleased to support a new online health initiative - Man MOT - the UK’s first online health surgery exclusively for men, funded by Pfizer.

The surgery offers medical advice on a broad range of health issues from qualified GPs in a convenient, confidential, online environment.  Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox and Relate counsellors also host a series of specialist sexual health and relationship clinics to talk about issues that you may find too embarrassing to discuss with your GP in person.

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Symptoms such as persistent thirst, frequent urination and erectile dysfunction could actually be the early warning signs of underlying conditions such as heart problems, prostate problems and diabetes1,2,3 . By putting off seeing a doctor, serious health conditions such as these could remain undetected and untreated. Visit to find out more.  The surgery is open every Monday between 6pm and 10pm