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Free Condoms & Lube

Healthy Gay Cornwall provides free condom and lube packs to gay/gay friendly venues across Cornwall and through our outreach when we visit cruising sites across Cornwall - you can also pick them up by calling in to our office.

Alternatively, we can send you condoms and lube in the post provided that you live in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly. Due to limited resources we are unable to provide the postal service to anyone living outside of Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly and orders will be limited to one order per postal address/email address.


Changes to the Condoms by Post scheme (Please read)

Healthy Gay Cornwall has now made some changes to the ‘Condom by Post’ scheme that currently runs through our website

  • The way in which a person can order from the website has been completely revised, we are moving away from the ‘one time’ order form with regular quarterly deliveries to a ‘one time registration then order as required’ system where a person will sign up to the scheme then login to place an order every time they require a delivery.
  • To ensure that our resources are reaching the intended groups there is now a more comprehensive registration form.
  • There will now be parameters in place to restrict any over ordering within a set time period (every 3 months) thus allowing for a fairer and more streamlined service.
  • The number of condoms and lube sent per delivery has now been changed to a set amount (30 condoms and 30 lube), you will however still be able to order flavours and different sizes depending on your need.
  • We will be introducing an ‘only one order per address and/or email’ rule, this will remove any duplication of orders which can have a huge impact on the limited resources that Healthy Gay Cornwall has.
  • Now the new condom by post system is in place all the current data held will be deleted, this means that everyone still requiring condoms by post will need to re-register.


Order now

Please check out the information about the proposed changes to the Condom by Post scheme!

If you live in Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly you can order condoms and lube by:

If you are a young person (regardless of sexual orientation) living in Cornwall you can get free condoms through the "C-Card" scheme - click here for more details

Everyone can get free condoms from your local sexual health clinic, click here to find your nearest one

Condoms, if used correctly can protect you and your partner from HIV & other sexually transmitted infections.

If you have problems in using condoms you can also contact us for advice and information. If you have a latex allergy we can advise on alternative brands and materials including condoms that are not made of latex.

Recent research indicates that all condoms carrying the CE mark are suitable for anal sex when used responsibly with water based lubricants. NEVER use oil based lubricants (such as hand creams, baby oil, lard, cooking oil, vaseline, sun creams, lip balm etc) as these will perish the latex.