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A nation-wide initiative that shapes the way that neighbourhood services and policing are being delivered is breaking exciting new ground in Cornwall.

Partners and Communities Together

PACT ("Partners and Communities Together") brings together different communities in open forums, one to one interviews and questionnaires, and asks them identify issues that are important to them, and engages agencies and service providers to address those issues.

Cornwall has enjoyed success with the PACT project in the past, working in geographic areas, hearing the concerns of the local community so that services can be targeted directly to the people raising those concerns.

The PACT initiative is also about recognising diversity in communities, and is keen to hear the concerns of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Trans (LGBT) population in Cornwall.

Research shows that LGBT and other diverse communities have specific concerns and needs that their local geographic area may not currently address, which is why the Diverse Communities Team at Devon & Cornwall Constabulary have adapted the approach to ensure that the LGBT Community can participate in the way services are delivered in Cornwall and come together to support each other and have a collective voice.

The LGBT PACT has been running regular consultations with community members and professionals since November 2007. Numerous community members and partner agencies including Healthy Gay Cornwall, Broken Rainbow, FFLAG and Intercom Trust as well as Education, Health, Housing and the Council have already identified under the PACT initiative a lack of services for young LGBT people in Cornwall. The group are currently engaging with further partner agencies and funders so a much needed targeted youth group can be provided.

Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved - LGBT PACT recognises that they need to be inventive in how they reach people - you can attend a meeting, or contact us via the internet (see details below) or look out for us at venues across the county.

They have a Facebook Profile (search LGBT-PACT), hotmail address or police email