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Cornwall Pride......what a message.....what a day!


Cornwall Pride The Video 2015!

Cornwall Pride 2015

Cornwall Pride's theme this year was:
Solidarity: Supporting our LGBT brothers and sisters around the world
WE'RE LUCKY... to be gay and living here in the west – it's not perfect and the battle for true equality goes on but it could be worse.
WE'RE LUCKY... that those who came before us through the sixties, seventies and eighties laid down the foundations for the liberties we enjoy today.
WE'RE LUCKY... that we can join together in a legal union and pledge our commitment to the person we love.
Others are not so fortunate. As the tide of discrimination falls here it rises on other shores and while we enjoy the liberties that have been so hard fought for a veil of darkness and suppression descends elsewhere. Wilde spoke of “the love that dare not speak it's name” and for thousands of LGBT people those words still hold true. In 2015 there remain 78 countries in the world where homosexuality is still considered a crime, 38 of those in Africa alone, ten of which still carry the death sentence. In the others punishment ranges from heavy fines to public floggings and imprisonment.
Let's spare a thought and show our support for those who suffer while we take our liberties for granted. Today and everyday.

Images from Cornwall Pride 2015!